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Ilma-vesilämpöpumppu käy uusiin ja vanhoihin kohteisiin.

Use the form below to participate in OmaWat's raffle, where you can win solar panels or a water-to-air heat pump installed in your own home.

Participation does not bind you to anything.

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The benefits of solar panels

Investing in a modern and high-quality solar power system will benefit you for a long time. The power guarantee of our solar panels is up to 25 years, and even after that, the productivity is at least 80% at maximum capacity.

Maintenance is easy. All system components are made of high-quality and durable materials without wearing parts that would require maintenance or replacement.

Electricity production is based on converting solar radiation into usable energy. This means that the solar power system produces electricity whenever it is bright outside – even in cloudy weather.

Using solar energy, generating electricity is based on the conversion of solar radiation into usable energy. Simply put, this means that solar panels produce electricity when it is bright outside, but solar panels also produce electricity in cloudy weather.

When you order from OmaWat, you always get a high-quality and functional solar electricity system.

We cooperate only with top manufacturers in the field, thus guaranteeing a high-quality end result.

From OmaWat, the most efficient solar panels and
air-to-water heat pumps in the industry. Win solar panels
or an air-water heat pump!
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